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"An Easy To Install Indoor 3G/4G Security Camera That Can Be Watched from Your Smartphone"

These High Definition cameras address the problem of unoccupied houses, garages, caravans, boats or building sites without monitored alarms or security systems because there is no available Internet.

The Solution

When triggered, our cloud based 3G/4G security cameras send an alert to your smartphone. You can check what caused the camera to activate, and quickly decide if any action is required.

There is no limit to distance. You can see what is going on at your property whether you are out of your suburb, city or country.

"Installation Cost Is Zero!"

There are no additional camera installation costs; you don't need to install wiring or buy a DVR (digital video recorder). Just plug the camera into a 230v power outlet and you're ready to go.

All sensors are battery powered and wireless, so no wiring is needed.

The camera is easily moved from location to location, just pick it up and plug it in at a new location. Move the camera to a new problem area in minutes.

We only sell products we have used ourselves and know work well. Everything we sell comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the performance of the camera, just return it in its original packaging for a full refund, no questions asked.

The cameras also have a 12 month warranty against defects

"Up To 15 Wireless Sensors Can Be Used"

The camera comes with a door sensor, PIR sensor and remote. This means you can start using it immediately. Property protection starts as soon as the sensor is in place and the camera is plugged in.

This camera can have 15 separate sensors. All access points can be monitored.

"Night Vision And Audio Capability"

The camera has infrared night vision ability. Some criminals like to work in the dark, so your camera should as well. Day or night you are able to monitor your property giving you 24/7 surveillance capability.
The camera has a microphone for listening to sounds being made at the site. This is useful if someone has moved out of camera shot, you can still hear what is happening.

"Remote Camera Adjustments With Your Smartphone"

The remote control capability means you can change most parameters remotely, such as flip, mirror, Alarm on/off, snapshot, video record, video quality/ data rates etc. This saves the inconvenience of having to spend your valuable time travelling to site to make minor adjustments. Other parameters can be changed remotely through the desktop app.

"A Manual, e-Mail And Phone Help Is Provided Free"

A manual is supplied so you can refer to it when needed. We provide free help by e-mail or phone so if you get stuck you can get help and advice.

"Download Stored Pictures Or Video To Your Computer"

View stored pictures, video files or logs with an Ethernet cable connected directly to the camera, or through the desktop app or smartphone.

"The Camera Has Multiple Mounting Options"

The camera can be free standing, ceiling or wall mounted. This choice of mounting positions means you can place the camera in the most effective position to get the best possible coverage to reduce or eliminate blind spots.

"Beware Of Low Priced Imitations"

G3/G4 GSM cameras are being advertised on the Internet for $60-$70. These are IP cameras that need an Internet connection. If you have internet access buy one of these. Any IP cameras can be viewed on a smartphone through the 3G/4g network, therefore some are being incorrectly advertised as 3G/4G cameras.

"Low Cost Security Solution"

The camera costs only $435.00 inc GST without a SIM, $460 with a SIM card installed and $20 credit.

As a simple solution to your security problem, 3G/4G security cameras have the key elements you need:

  • Simple installation

  • No additional equipment required.

  • Smartphone convenience to view what is it happens.

  • High Definition.

  • No monthly fees or charges.

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"Vintage liquor heist could be one of a string
Burglars who stole around $250,000 of top-quality wine and spirits from the Victoria Park Glengarry Wine store may be responsible for several break-ins, police say..."
NZ Herald
(The phone lines had been cut rendering the security system inoperable.)

YouTube video showing the GSM Security Camera in action.

"What a simple security option for my garage.
I didn't want to buy a separate security system just for one camera in my garage or run extra cabling back to a DVR.
I can definitely recommend them as a quick and cheap alternative".
Grant Lord, Henderson, classic car owner