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About us

PhoneWatch Has Made Remote Property Surveillance Simple and Cheap.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide cost effective, smartphone based surveillance solutions, using the latest user friendly technology.

A Brief history

Having been the victims of several burglary attempts,we realised alarm systems have their limitations when you can't see what is happening in real time.

Ever since bach owners (crib owners if you live in the South Island) started getting their properties broken into, there has been a need to be able to monitor remote, often empty properties wherever they are situated.

The usual options have a few issues:
  • Will an alarm siren attract any attention? probaly not.
  • False alarm call outs are costly, especially if the property is remote, if a service provider is available anyway.
  • Phone lines, if there are any, can be cut.
  • Distance can be the most frustrating problem of all.

We saw a need for a surveillance system that was easy to install and give immediate feedback if there was an activation.

It would have been so useful to be able to see what was going on inside or outside the property.
The solution needed to fulfill these requirements:

  • Give control back to property owners
    The solution needed to give immediate feedback to the property owner of what caused the activation. The owner could then decide on the next best course of action, Police, neighbour, Neighbourhood watch coordinator etc.
  • Be cost effective
    With the progress of new technologies driving the cost of sophisticated electronic equipment down all the time, the cost of the solution had to be within easy reach of property owners.
  • Monitored using a worldwide network
    The Mobile network was the obvious medium to use to transmit security data, be it live pictures,video or alerts.
  • Motion detect
    The solution had to be able to act like a security alarm by being able to use motion detection or other sensors in specified areas.
  • Record photographs, video
  • Easy to install
    The ideal solution would need to be wireless. Running wires all over your property is usually the longest part of a security installation. Wires can also be tampered with.

After several years of research, we believe we have found the ideal security solution that satisfies all the above criteria, 3G/4G cameras. These cameras bring high tech monitored security solutions to everyone at a very low cost.

Go to our 3G/4G camera page to decide if a 3G/4G Security Camera will solve your remote security problem.

We also install, repair, service and network High definition security cameras.